Medical Reports

Two in One Bassinet, But Not Twins: The Challenge of Hôpital Sacré Coeur

This sounds like the headline of a newspaper; but no, this is the reality at Hopitâl Sacré Coeur of Milot: a reality that needs to change and to change fast. One simple question that... Read More

Prosthetic Laboratory Students Graduate — Among the First C.P.O.s in Haiti

Three years ago, under the tutelage of Oscar Bermudez, CPO, Daniel Etienne and Dantus Gilles began their intensive, distance learning curriculum from Universidad Don Bosco in El Salvador and apprenticeship training at Hôpital Sacré... Read More

Dr. Marc Exavier Mésadieu: A Blessing for Hôpital Sacré Coeur

Dr. Exavier was born September 21, 1978 in Cayes Jacmel in the Southern Department of Haiti. Born into a merchant family of five children, he attended primary school at the Brotherhood School in his... Read More
Supply Chain Consultant Oscar Bermúdez gets ready to tackle the organization of the Sprung building.

Stock Management at Hôpital Sacré Coeur

In their search to improve the functioning of the hospital and the quality of patient care, Hôpital Sacré Coeur has decided to focus their efforts this year on the process of supply chain management. Read More
Old Cardio Ultrasound Lab—2011 with (left to right) Dr. Joseph Job, former internist at HSC; Yolene Louis Charles, RN, 2011 trainee and now principal sonographer; Sandra Owens, cardiac ultrasound technologist, volunteer faculty; and Dr. William Battle, Program Manager and medical volunteer from Washington, D.C.

The Test Results are Back…Just in Time for Surgery!

I have had the opportunity to be a part of Hopitâl Sacré Coeur (HSC) since October 2011. I travel to HSC four times a year (January, May, August, and October), and I am intimately... Read More

The Hôpital Sacré Coeur Way: Going the Extra (Flight) Mile Trying to Save a Child’s Life

We heard about the little boy who had been burned shortly after we arrived to CRUDEM on a Sunday afternoon in March. Read More

Two New Chemistry Analyzers Keep the Lab Operating with Top Performance

An overall increase in volume of testing at the Hôpital Sacré Coeur clinical lab reclassifies the operation from a low volume to a medium volume lab. Read More

The New Emergency Room is a National Reference

Hopitâl Sacré Coeur is now a reference hospital, not only for the North but also for many nearby regions. Read More

HSC Trauma and Orthopedic Surgeons Work Together to Save a Patient

On the night of September 8, 2014, we received a severely injured patient who came to the ER of Hôpital Sacré Coeur, one hour after the injury occurred. Read More

Cervical Cancer in Haiti and in Hôpital Sacré Coeur

Cervical cancer is the most common cause of cancer deaths in the resource poor world. It is known as a disease of the poor. The recorded death rate in Haiti from cervical cancer is... Read More