Donor Spotlight: Immacolata School: Over a Decade of Caring and Sharing

For over 10 years, Immacolata School in Richmond Heights, MO has supported CRUDEM through their annual Mission Carnival. CRUDEM was initially chosen as a beneficiary for this event due to the large number of Immacolata parishioners that continue to be involved in the mission. At the carnival, each homeroom teacher is responsible for setting up a booth or activity, which provides nearly 20 different events for the students to participate in. Some of the traditional favorites include the Cake Walk, the Lollipop, Nacho and Candy booths and the many sporting activities set up in the gym.

Mission 1When asked, what does helping Haiti mean to the students of Immacolata, Mrs. Kim Reynders, coordinator of the Mission Carnival said “We believe that students get a better understanding of life in Haiti, and other third world countries. We advertise through emails and the Wednesday envelope just how important this support is. It is also helpful to have Dr. Guyol and Mr. Reese make presentations to the students. We encourage the students to ‘buy lots of tickets because you are helping so many people’”.

Mission 2Parish Pastor, Msgr. Vernon Gardin added “Mission carnivals have a long tradition in Catholic parochial schools. Here at Immacolata parish school the proceeds from our mission carnival have gone to help CRUDEM for over 10 years. The games and the prizes have not changed much, even since I attended my own parish grade school. The students learn how important it is to help people in need as Christ commanded us. They have a lot of fun at the carnival; they work together to make it a success; and above all, they see how Christian charity is an integral part of following Christ and being a member of His Church. Not only do our children benefit CRUDEM; supporting CRUDEM benefits our young people as well.”

Mission 3From CRUDEM and the patients and staff at Hôpital Sacré Coeur we offer a heartfelt thank you to Immacolata and all the students, faculty and staff who have supported Mission Carnival over the years. Your support matters and your efforts are appreciated.

Mesi April!

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