Pack Meals

What’s a Packathon?
An incredibly fun way to turn your compassion into action!

Over a two-hour shift, you, and a group of 25 to 100, socially distanced and PPE clad, volunteers assemble nutritious food packets that will be shipped to Hopitâl Sacré Coeur for distribution to the neediest people in Haiti’s northern region.

In less time than it takes for you to watch a movie or clean your house you will have made a profound difference in the lives of hundreds of impoverished people.

“OK. Putting off the movie. Twist my arm. Won’t clean the house today. Now what happens?”

When you arrive at the packing site, you will confirm your registration and receive a mask, hair net, gloves, and a really cool Feed Haiti t-shirt. You proceed to your pre-assigned table and perform your assigned task.

You may be adding one of the four ingredients to the special plastic bag: rice, pinto beans, freeze dried vegetables or vitamins. Maybe you will be sealing the bag with a no-brainer heat sealing machine. Or, you may be one of the people who collect the sealed bags and move them on to the boxes for packing and palletizing.

No matter what task you take on, you will be part of a highly enthusiastic (and buoyantly noisy!) team of people making an immense difference in the lives of starving (literally!) women, children, and men.

Guess how many meals you will pack in 2-hours?

On average, 240 an hour. In 2 hours, you will have packed almost 500 desperately needed meals. And of course, many revved up and raring to go packers exceed that total. Extraordinary table teams and individuals are justly rewarded with special hand made Haitian crafts. Why? Because the people you are feeding want to express their deepest, heartfelt gratitude for your efforts. They give back to you — even the children — from what they have: their creative talents.

A Feed Haiti Packathon could well be the most fun, memorable, and meaningful two hours you’ve spent in a long time. And who knows? Maybe you will be meet some great new friends. Fingers crossed.

Want to see a packathon? Please, click below:

Social Distance Step by Step from Feed the Hunger on Vimeo.

Packing Food Safely with Feed the Hunger from Feed the Hunger on Vimeo.

Videos are courtesy of our packathon partner: Feed the Hunger


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