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An Extraordinary Time…

What You Accomplished is Amazing!
Today is a typical day at Hôpital Sacré-Coeur. Over its course, 500 patients sit 6 deep on one of several benches waiting for their appointment in the Notre Dame... Read More

Notice to All CRUDEM Volunteers

March 10, 2016

Since Haiti experiences many infectious diseases that are not ordinarily of concern in the US, CRUDEM advises all volunteers to ensure that they are current on routine, travel and occupational vaccinations. The... Read More


Major Victory for Haitian Women

You did it again. You worked another miracle. In America, we take much for granted about our healthcare. A simple test like a Pap Smear is never given a second thought. Read More

Fall 2015 Update

Walking up the road to Hôpital Sacré Coeur to begin our day’s work during a recent visit to Haiti, just a hurried glimpse at the passersby revealed the enormity of the problems that the... Read More

Evidence of Your Success is Everywhere

The 125 beds are full, the outpatient clinics overflow with hundreds of patients needing attention, and the new emergency room provides critical medical interventions each and every day. Read More

Washington, D.C. Stay-at-Home Gala

2015 043 March Haiti

Washington, D.C. Stay-at-Home Gala
October 10, 2015

Where Absence Makes Your Dollars Go Farther

Cocktails will... Read More

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Hotter than Haiti: Taste of Haiti

Thank You St. Louis!!!

September 10, The Schlafly Tap Room, St. Louis
Thank you for making this a memorable and successful event!

Your generous support is greatly appreciated and will have a meaningful and significant impact... Read More

Hotter than Haiti: Taste of Haiti

vintage haiti 6.jpg.opt210x470o0,0s210x470Please Join Us to Celebrate — in Haitian Style — The CRUDEM Foundation and Hôpital... Read More


Good News from Milot

I am so grateful for this opportunity to tell you about all the wonderful works being done in Milot and the tremendous spirit of hope among the people we serve. Despite the most dreadful... Read More
Salamy, a blind man dances for joy outside his newly built house.

Hôpital Sacré Coeur’s Sister Ann Crawley Leads the Way in Tackling the Ravishes of Extreme Poverty

When the Sacréd Heart Brothers of Montreal first arrived in the jungle outpost of Milot in 1968, they realized they needed to address the cycle of disease and extreme poverty through multiple channels: rural... Read More