A Prayer for CRUDEM & Hôpital Sacré Coeur

God, our heavenly Father, I have become convinced that You love all of us and watch over each moment of our lives. It is too bad that not everyone feels and believes that way. Whenever a calamity strikes, some always attribute it to God and ask “Why?” Wrong question. God did not cause any calamity because being good, He can only allow bad for a greater good. I suppose we can say that about Haiti, for example, and there are others throughout the whole world. Nature is taking its cost and there are calamities and destruction. It’s difficult for us to understand this and ask “What good can come from this?” Sometimes we can come up with an answer, but most time we shall have to wait until we are with You, God.

It is remarkable how many people understand this and come to the aid of the people and persons afflicted. They give of their precious time and talent to restore things to the way they were, or better. The residents of Haiti, Hopitâl Sacré Coeur, their friends, and volunteers from all over, have sacrificed to help and have accomplished so much in such a short time. It seems like You, God, preformed a miracle to get things rectified. Not just buildings and landscapes but the will to live and return to normal. Thank you, God, for the resources, money sacrificed by others and the professions and aptitudes of so many knowledgeable people, some on a regular basis and others on available time.

ManningLord, God, all of these donors and workers are doing exactly what your Son, Jesus, said should be the mark of His followers…share with others what you have. Thank you, God for inspiring all these people for the improvements and inspiration to others. In your Son, Jesus’ name we shout out a great big THANK YOU, HEAVENLY FATHER!

Rev. Francis J. Manning is a retired priest, Diocese of Springfield, MA and Bishop’s liaison to Retired Priests as well as Chaplin to Springfield Catholic Women’s Club.