Hôpital Sacré Coeur (HSC) is the largest private hospital in the North of Haiti. Located in the town of Milot, Haiti the 200 bed hospital has provided uninterrupted service for almost 30 years.

This premier Haitian healthcare facility has been a beacon of hope for the people of Northern Haiti as it creates a healthier Haiti, one dignified life at a time.™

Expanding the Concept of Comprehensive Healthcare

When patients present at a U.S. hospital, medical personnel rightly assume they have access to clean water, adequate nutrition, safe housing, educational opportunities, and access to social services for life challenges and disasters. Read More

Through the Eyes of a Haitian Child…

Like children everywhere, growing up in Haiti is an exercise in discovery: new abilities, experiences, and relationships. Eckhart Tolle would applaud a child’s immersion in the “Now.” Laughter, energetic movement, squeals of... Read More

Hôpital Sacré Coeur in Milot, Haiti

The Haitian Way

Milot is a Piece of Paradise