Hospital Administration

_I6A8352Hôpital Sacré Coeur not only provides much needed medical services to the people of the region; it is also the region’s largest employer, providing nearly 400 jobs — medical and non-medical. We pay a living wage in a country where more than two-thirds of the labor force does not have a formal job.

We are training Haitians to run their own hospital and care for their fellow Haitians. This is the ideal situation for a country like Haiti, which desperately needs this generation and a next generation of proficient health care workers, administrators, managers, and professionals.


During the past year, specialty trained Haitian hospital administrators assumed new roles and took over key management positions. Our Haitian executive team manages and guides the hospital according to standards set by the Board of Directors.

In 2012, Dr. Harold Prévil, a highly regarded Haitian obstetrician/gynecologist assumed the post of  Chief Executive Officer. And, two graduates of Hospital Administration programs took over chief operations roles. This model of Haitian medical staff and administration makes us a unique non-profit hospital and model for Haitian healthcare.

In addition to the executive staff Hôpital Sacré Coeur employs two full-time internists, two general practitioners, two family practitioners, two full-time and one part-time pediatricians, one part-time and three full-time obstetricians, one part-time ophthalmologist, two part-time surgeons, three anesthetist nurses, three pharmacists, dentist and three full-time residents. There are 90 people on the nursing staff, 78 of whom are full-time, including the nursing services director, 5 nursing service managers, 44 staff nurses, 11 midwives, 9 Public Health nurses, 16 nurse auxiliaries, and 4 nurses’ aides. In addition, the laboratory has a staff of 13 technicians.

Harold Prévil, M. D.
Milot, Haiti
Michele Paul-Hanna, M. D.
Chief Medical Officer
Milot, Haiti
Nathalie Dorcin
Chief Nursing Officer
Milot, Haiti