Joni Paterson, M.Div. Ph.D. serves as Director of Development & Administration for CRUDEM. An ordained minister with the United Church of Christ, she was a hospital chaplain before joining CRUDEM in 2003 and has extensive experience in communications and strategic positioning. She lives in Western Massachusetts.

Below, you can read Joni Paterson’s editorials from The CRUDEM Foundation’s Bon Nouvèl News Magazines.

Crazy, Potent Notions

Hôpital Sacré Coeur was born from a series of very crazy ideas. Read More

Right Now.

Right now, some child walks the fine, treacherous line between having a parent and becoming an orphan. Their mother or father harbors a silent, deadly disease; a runaway infection, or an improperly tended injury.... Read More

The Boy Next Door

The cinder block house under construction, with its exposed girders, was too tempting a climbing challenge to pass by a 6 year old boy in search of adventure. Read More

Bat Tenèb: Beating Back the Darkness

Women’s voices command attention as they urge for social, medical and economic policies which include the particularities of women’s lives. While in Haiti, the woman’s story plays out like a reset to the 1800s. Read More

Finding Kinship in the Face of Difference

Why must we choose between Haitian and Gulf Coast hurricane victims? Aren’t our hearts, resources and ingenuity great enough to respond to the suffering endured in two or more locales? Read More