Current Supply Needs

The following supplies are needed at Hôpital Sacré Coeur:
• OR towels
• Bovie pads
• Sterile suction tubing
• Yankaurs
• Sterile 4x4s
• Sevoflourane

Please! Do NOT bring or ship donations of: Clothing, shoes, toys, or household items.

Our tax-exempt customs agreement does not allow us to ship these items. We can only ship medical and construction supplies. (And, shipping is extremely expensive!) We have no place to store non-medical items and past experience has sadly proven that the distribution of clothing and other items on site has lead to chaotic and even dangerous situations.

We appreciate the urge to give and help, but always check with us first and respect our guidelines. You want to be the solution to a problem, not the cause of problems! Thank you for your understanding.

Please contact Joni Paterson, Ph.D. at if you can provide any of these supplies. Please do not bring them to Milot or ship them without first checking with Joni. Thank you!