N.J. nurse stranded at Haitian airport jumped into action after earthquake

Jan 18th – today’s article in the Asbury Park  Press on Florence Germain, nurse at RMC who was in Haiti during the time of  the earthquake and cared for victims. In discussions with Flo... Read More

Student Dr. Benjamin Cox OMSII

“Dispatches From Haiti”
Student Dr. Benjamin Cox OMSII
SGA President
Sunday June 28th , 2009.
I just arrived at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and I am really excited
about going to Haiti on... Read More

Dispatches from Haiti

Dispatches from Haiti
Carol Fipp and Pat Balanky
Thursday, October 2, 2008
What makes a difference in Haiti
Pat Balanky and Carol Fipp
As usual, Carol and Pat split up for the day.... Read More


Meet Michelet, now a 7 month old baby boy. I first met him at HSC in the NICU just days after his birth. Read More