Hurricane Matthew Strikes Haiti with Catastrophic Results

Tuesday morning, the eye of Hurricane Matthew made landfall near Les Anglais, Haiti and its monstrous reign of terror began its merciless sweep across the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Under the force of 145 mph winds, well-constructed U.S. houses and buildings break apart and scatter across the landscape. Much less sturdy Haitian homes have little protection against the onslaught; countless Haitians living in bamboo, mud and tin shacks are powerless in the face of the ferocious calamity being delivered right now by Hurricane Matthew. Tens of thousands of homeless Haitians—many children—are now enduring hellacious circumstances.

Hôpital Sacré-Coeur Ready to Assume Crucial Role in National Recovery Efforts

At Hôpital Sacré-Coeur, in Milot, we have been preparing for days. We know what is coming. We’ve been through the ravages of numerous hurricanes since the mission’s inception nearly 50 years ago. And that’s why we know — based on decades of experience — that the destruction being delivered right now by Hurricane Matthew will be catastrophic.

Loss of life, building collapses, deadly flying debris, floods and mudslides will be the immediate effects. In the days and months to come, the overfilled canals and waterways will likely spread cholera and other life threatening bacteria. Many once clean water supplies will be compromised. Large numbers of crops and livestock will likely be destroyed erasing food stocks and putting a halt to food production. The number of malnourished people — particularly children — will soar. The injured will begin a race against the clock to receive medical care before infections turn deadly and claim their lives.

Located in the northeast, Hôpital Sacré Coeur will not be spared from some damage, but will stand as a quality medical center ready to provide desperately needed healthcare to a ravaged region and country…with your help.

Please Join in Our Hurricane Response Efforts — You are Needed!

Right now, we need to increase our medical supplies to ensure that we can provide care to the expected influx of patients. And while Hôpital Sacré Coeur readies to receive hurricane victims, its 125 beds remain packed with the ongoing stream of patients. Appendicitis and babies do not postpone their arrivals because of a hurricane. The hospital continues to treat thousands of patients each week.

Please Join in Our Hurricane Response Efforts

Please make a donation today.
100% of your donation will go to the relief effort to provide patients and their families with the care they need.

While you and I cannot stop devastating hurricanes, we can be the loving and effective response.

Please keep the hospital and the people of Haiti in your prayers. CRUDEM and Hôpital Sacré-Coeur are built on a strong foundation of faith. We know the power of prayer. We have witnessed the miracles. While we do all we can, we pray without ceasing for the God’s Grace and Mercy.

“Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me.”
(Matthew 25:40)

Gratefully yours,
David G. Butler, M.D.


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