Milot, Haiti

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Behind the Lens in Milot, Haiti

Photographing people in a foreign country presents many unique challenges that can be confusing to a photographer. Read More

Hôpital Sacré Coeur is Major Economic Driver for Local Region

Hôpital Sacré Coeur is one of the largest employers in the north of Haiti, affording much needed income to the poverty stricken region. Read More

Dance in Haiti

Haitian dance has its roots in Africa and tells stories of important life events, invokes spirits, and promotes fellowship among those in earshot of the sounds. Read More

Haiti: A Brief History

The account of the Haitian people is a narrative of spirit, strength, triumph, apathy, and resignation. In its early history, Haiti was a flourishing island and was one of the richest colonies in... Read More

An Evening in Milot

This year, the town was selected from all of the other communities in Haiti to key note the celebrations. And as such, a bevy of police in polished boots and gold braided cords draped... Read More

Music in Haiti

Hip Hop songs blast from passing cars, spiritual hymns echo from churches, harmonic choruses ring from the vocal chords of Haitians tending to laundry, and melodies of all kinds are recited by joyful dancing... Read More

Women in Haiti: Ending Gender Violence

March 6, 2013 was set aside as International Day for Women with the declared theme “a promise is a promise; time to end violence against women.” High profile assaults, against a young Indian woman... Read More

Haitian Holidays

Exploring the ways in which holidays are celebrated can offer a quick peek into a culture and what makes it unique. Have you ever wondered what holidays are celebrated in Haiti? Which ones are... Read More

Healing Gardens of Hôpital Sacré Coeur

The care and attention given to the plantings surrounding Hôpital Sacré Coeur is noteworthy. Vibrant colors of fuchsia, coral and sunny yellows dutifully reflect the bright energy of the Haitian people. And the youth... Read More

The Best Feature of Milot, Haiti: Her Children!

This video features Haiti's greatest feature: The Children! Always dancing, singing, smiling, and learning, the beautiful children of Milot inspire and remind us all to keep their spirits in our hearts. Read More