A Message from Dr. John Lovejoy, Jr., Jacksonville, Florida

LovejoyWhen I look back on my over 30 years work in Haiti I see some positive changes, most especially at Hôpital Sacré Coeur.

This mission has grown to one of the premier hospitals in the country. By hiring Haitians and giving them the tools and support, an outstanding center has been created.

What is most important now is to foster that work. We need to supply the equipment, resources and education to allow the institution to progress. We are doing almost 3,000 surgical cases a year in an outdated environment. At present we are constructing a new Operating Suite and private room suite. It will take months to complete, but when finished will allow us to teach new techniques in management of instruments, improved sterility and better patient care.

All this could not be done without your support. In the U.S. an average operating room costs about 7 million dollars to build and furnish. We are trying to build three operating rooms and four private rooms out of the $500,000 you have donated.

It is a stretch but we will make it work with your support.

We still need three operating room tables that a C-arm X-ray will fit under and LED operating lights (they are cooler than the regular lights). Each light costs $25,000. We are working on finding them thru donations but may have to purchase them. A used table costs around $10,000.

So my message is, please check in your community and see if anyone is remodeling their OR and has used equipment that would work. Or consider sending in a generous donation to assist with equipment purchases. With your continued support we will continue the progress at HSC.

Surgical-LightsCan You Help?
The new ORs need surgery lights. Each light costs $25,000. We need three.
Thanks for your kind consideration!