Dr. Marc Exavier Mésadieu: A Blessing for Hôpital Sacré Coeur

Exavier-1By Alexis Abdel, Director of Human Resources for Hôpital Sacré Coeur

Dr. Exavier was born September 21, 1978 in Cayes Jacmel in the Southern Department of Haiti. Born into a merchant family of five children, he attended primary school at the Brotherhood School in his hometown from 1987 to 1993 and attended Pinchina High School in Jacmel.
After high school, Dr. Exavier attended the University of Haiti and graduated with a degree in Medicine in 2006. He completed his medical social service training at Centre de Santé Médico-Social de Côte de Fer from November 2007 to September 2008. Brilliant and hardworking, Dr. Exavier remains highly focused on his medical profession.

In May 2010, Dr. Exavier achieved his greatest dream when he received a pediatric residency at the University Hospital Justinian in Cap-Haïtien. Studious, dynamic, intelligent and applied, this bright man, made a positive indelible impression during his university residency. As a third year resident, he was often called by the Chief Medical Officer of Pediatrics at Hôpital Sacré Coeur to come to Milot and work — often for a week at a time.

When Dr. Exavier’s residency ended in May 2013, he was immediately called by Hôpital Sacré Coeur’s Head of Service, Dr. Hanna, to work for three months as a pediatrician in order to bridge a temporary service gap. During this time Dr. Exavier’s liveliness, motivation, insight, dynamism, expertise, flexibility, team spirit, and duty wowed not only the staff of Pediatrics, but also the HSC Governing Board and the general hospital staff.

In a short period of time, he received the most positive and favorable opinions. Dr. Hanna, Head of Pediatrics, echoes the thoughts of many when she says, “Dr. Exavier by his attitude, sense of responsibility and his constant need to increase his knowledge, could become one of the important pillars in the field of pediatrics. He is distinguished by his wisdom, his relationship with the service staff of the hospital and especially the patients. He willingly teaches residents and nurses. Dr. Exavier is already beginning to mature as a pediatrician.”

Exavier-2In turn, the Medical Director, Dr. Jacque Julmice notes, “Dr. Exavier provides exceptional care to his patients. He has contributed significantly in reducing the infant mortality rate in the service of Pediatrics. His consistency in service, respect for the physical integrity and dignity of patients, technical competence, and critical thinking make him a model physician.”

With this outstanding performance record and glowing recommendations, the Governing Council decided to install Dr. Exavier as a pediatrician at Hôpital Sacré Coeur. Residing at the hospital, Dr. Exavier is one who continues to work as long as the situation dictates. Courteous, generous in providing care and highly motivated to see the hospital achieve its vision, he has been chosen by the Medical Director as Chairman of Therapeutics Committee, a committee created to improve the quality of care.

Dr. Exavier has also started at HSC, with the support of volunteer pediatricians, a clinic for children with diabetes. With his guidance, help, generosity and compassion, diabetic children have found solace and a chance to have a normal life despite their illness. As always, Dr. Exavier does everything without expecting congratulation and reward.

Researchers and professors in some nursing schools in Cap-Haïtien are pleased that Dr. Exavier works for the smooth running of the institution.

This explains why, for two consecutive years, he has been selected by the hospital’s Board of Directors as a ‘Doctor of the Year.’ From all the above, we can infer that Dr. Marc Exavier Mésadieu is an important asset that can be counted on to ensure that Hôpital Sacré Coeur will achieve its vision and accomplish its mission.