You and I never know who might walk through our door next

Every day scores of gravely ill and severely injured patients walk through the door of Hôpital Sacré Coeur’s Emergency Room — 7,554 people last year. A typical day might include patients like:

Yolanda, one of too many infants suffering the tragic and painful effects of severe malnutrition.

Gabby, an 8 year old who leads her blind grandfather by the hand so he can be evaluated and possibly have his sight restored.

ER-3Marcelle, a young woman juggling hope and fear because her first pregnancy has turned high risk and the baby must be delivered now.

François, a middle-aged laborer whose arduous day at work was cut short by severe chest pains.

You and I never know who might walk through our door next, but thanks to YOU; we are prepared to respond quickly and effectively to an emergency.

Thanks to YOUR generous support, no matter who walks through the door; we are ready with skilled and compassionate medical staff, shelves filled with vital supplies and medications, and critical lifesaving medical equipment. With the proper infrastructure built with your generous donations, quality healthcare gets delivered efficiently, economically and, most importantly, effectively to the people who need it most — on a moment’s notice.


Isn’t that exactly what you would want to have happen if you or your loved ones went through the door to an ER?

As the daily flood of patients steadily increases and makes their way into the hospital, we ask for your continued generous support so we never have to turn away a single patient in need — someone’s loved one — because of a lack of hospital resources.

Every dollar matters. Every day.

At this time, we respectfully ask you to make a contribution to The CRUDEM Foundation, being assured that your generosity will help us to continue to deliver the superior care for which Hôpital Sacré Coeur has become known. Send in your tax-deductible donation by October 15th for maximum impact to our patients. 100% of your donation directly benefits our patient care programs.