Milot, Haiti is a Piece of Paradise

“I would describe Milot as a piece of Paradise”, Dr. Previl says. “Or even as a pearl that needs to be discovered”. Milot is a beautiful small town in Northern Haiti, but the people are the victim of good intentions.

Like many Haitian communities, the people have become reliant on the efforts of foreigners to survive. Dr. Harold Previl, C.E.O. of Hôpital Sacré Coeur in Milot, is on a mission to replace dependency with self-reliance. Re-educating the people of Haiti about how to survive by their own efforts, not only empowers Haitians, but benefits their society long term. Dr. Previl is committed to the people of Milot and wants to teach them about the opportunities they have to succeed, but may not always realize.

Video courtesy of Video courtesy of Jeff Rhode & Victoria Matthews of Holy Name Medical Center