Volunteer Stories

Holy Name in Haiti: Passion Reaps Benefits

Since becoming the sole member of The CRUDEM Foundation in the fall of 2012, Holy Name staff members have traveled to Milot on a regular basis to lend their compassion and talents to the... Read More

Why Do We Volunteer?

I was recently asked by Joni Paterson (the talented person who puts together this beautiful magazine) to write a brief article about an experience that I had shared with her that occurred on my... Read More

Why I Went to Haiti

A medical missionary — it sounds good to a lot of people. To me, it’s off tune. I think of missionaries as people who do honorable things to get a chance at executing their... Read More

Donor Spotlight: Bill and Keena McGuinness of Huntington, New York

The year I finished college, the last of eight siblings, my father, an obstetrician retired. He had finished his parental duties and he and my mother decided to spend their time as medical volunteers. Read More

From Wenatchee to Milot

Milot is a special place for me. In mid-April I was fortunate enough to travel with a team of eight to Hôpital Sacré Coeur for another two-week visit to help provide services to northern... Read More

Culture Change: Me … We

Each year, when I return from Hôpital Sacré Coeur (HSC), I face the same daunting task: how to describe and explain Haiti to those who are curious, but not lucky enough, to experience this... Read More

Donor Spotlight: Dr. Tim and Cindy McCall from Cazenovia, New York

When I volunteered as an anesthesiologist at Hôpital Sacré Coeur, on short notice after the 2010 earthquake, I had no idea that the experience would have such a profound effect on me, and lead... Read More

Our Wonderful Volunteers!

After giving up their time with their families, paying for their flights and lodging and putting in 10 hours a day or more at the hospital, our wonderful volunteers still find the energy to... Read More

It All Started With A Dinner Party

Every time he returned home, Dad came home with an energy and a passion that was tangible. But he also came home with stories that made you realize what a challenge they were up... Read More

Donor Spotlight: Dr. Jefferson & Janice Wiggins

When my husband passed earlier this year, a number of very dear friends expressed interest in supporting a project that would be a living expression of his legacy. The work of CRUDEM came quickly... Read More