Volunteer Stories

Donor Spotlight: Thomas and Ulrike Schlafly of St. Louis

Ulrike and I visited CRUDEM for the first time in February of 2005. Seven months later Tom Flynn, the President of the CRUDEM Foundation at the time, approached me about serving on the board... Read More

Meet Kyleen of Milot, Haiti

Recently we have built a little house for Kyleen, an orphan girl of eighteen years, who is paralyzed and was living in a shack of a hut with the rain pouring in on her. Read More

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity

Four and a half years ago, I traveled to Haiti to conduct research for my graduate thesis study. At the time I was in the middle of my final year at Pratt Institute in... Read More

Grateful to Be in Milot: The Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace

Grateful. That is the word that best describes how we Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace feel about the CRUDEM Foundation’s invitation to join the mission at Hôpital Sacré Coeur in Milot. Read More

Breast Cancer Survivor Sends Gifts of Comfort and Beauty

After her 2012 victory over breast cancer, St. Louis resident Kathy Brooks wondered what more she could to do express gratitude to her plastic surgeon, Timothy O’Connell, M.D. Read More

Frisnal and Alandi: A Garden Blooms in Milot

Tim Traynor, HSC Onsite Facilities Coordinator, had a new landscaping project that was close to his heart. Soon after the sun rose on Saturday mornings two orphaned boys, Frisnal and Alandi, would arrive at... Read More

The HSC Family Nutrition Center: Feeding Haiti’s Youngest Children

At low, long tables in the inner room the little ones are getting their “small” meal - a soup of maize and rice – in the morning as I arrive. Newly made cholera beds... Read More

New English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Program in Milot

CRUDEM recently launched an intensive EFL (English as a Foreign Language) program earlier this summer. Read More

Life after Milot

Since returning from Haiti in February, my life has been very similar to the way it was before my six months in Milot, but somehow it is completely different. Read More

CRUDEM Has a Friend in Provo: Medical Supplies Take a Detour on Their Way to Hôpital Sacré Coeur

The large duffle bag that contained hundreds of dollars worth of medical supplies, donated to the CRUDEM Foundation by Crouse Hospital in Syracuse, NY this past April, could tell quite a story, if it... Read More