From the Chairman

Update from CRUDEM President

Today our patient census is 329 in our temporary Tent hospital and 70 in what we are now calling the old hospital. Read More

Here is the latest news from Hopital Sacre Coeur;

On Wednesday, Jan 20th,  we received 14 airlifted patients from Port au Prince.  At the start of the day today we had a total of 140 quake victims. Read More

Haiti Earthquake – Disaster Relief- Update – January 16, 2010

A US Navy helicopter transported 4 patients to us a few hours ago. All were in serious stages of gangrene. Read More


We were very grateful to hear from our hospital administrator that in spite of some minor damages to buildings, the hospital, staff and volunteers have been unharmed. Read More

Urgent: All Hospitals Are Packed With People

Yesterday, Haiti was struck by the worst earthquake in over 200 years. President René Préval told newspapers: “All of the hospitals are packed with people. It is a catastrophe.” Read More