Storm Recovery Continues

The clean-up from the recent ravages of hurricanes and tropical storms continues at Hôpital Sacré Coeur and in Milot. Many Milot families face the heartbreaking task of rummaging through the remains of their homes that fell during the heavy rains, winds and mudslides.

According to Sister Ann, “The people I have met are so good and have profound faith in God. They never complain despite the dreadful hardship, suffering and poverty.”

House fallen in Hurricane 2017

Now, thanks to the generosity of donors, Sister Ann is bringing hope to many families as she begins building new homes for those who lost their dwellings. The houses are constructed from cement blocks and topped with a tin roof. Sister Ann employs local workers to build the homes and some basic furnishings: wooden chairs, a table and a bed. These projects give employment to local men and women which in turn helps them feed and education their children.

“They are all great workers, “said Sister Ann. “All are delighted to be employed. They work tirelessly from early morning until late evening. All the work is done by hand as we do not have electricity or power tools.”

House fallen in Hurricane 2017-2

The affected Haitian families certainly have the heart and spirit to rebuild, but they need the materials. If you would like to support Sister Ann’s critical outreach project to provide the materials to build homes for the homeless, blind and disabled and to provide jobs for the local workers, please consider making a generous donation. Your financial gift is deeply appreciated and will have a significant impact!