Spiritual Reflections

Context. Context. Context.

Everything in this world must be viewed in a context, especially those situations that affect our daily lives. We often struggle to meet our personal obligations like, car or mortgage payments, making time to... Read More

Reflection on the Act of Giving

I was witnessing the opening act of that terrible tragedy that took place in Haiti in 2010, an earthquake of a 7.0 magnitude. It was the beginning moments of a saga that would test... Read More

Dawning Light

As the day brightens, we pray in thanksgiving for the blessings of life and for the grace to follow Christ, our Light. May we be able to face the challenges that each new day... Read More

A Morning Reflection

Every day, there is an older man who rakes the leaves at Hôpital Sacré Coeur, in the courtyard outside my small room at the compound where I spend nine months of the year. His... Read More

Keeping On…

A pledge of service to Haiti, in particular, often brings out the frustrations, struggles and a chorus of doubts about one’s effectiveness in full measure. Read More

Impact Trip Sows Spiritual Seeds for a Lifetime

It seems that fate, or perhaps divine intervention, brought me to Milot. I wanted to do something to give back, but I didn’t know what, and then I attended two luncheons just a few... Read More

CRUDEM and Spirituality: The Commonality of Religion

What brought all these disparate groups together? And more importantly, what was the common bond that allowed them to function effectively and synergistically? Read More

Something Spiritual

In all our knowledge and American knowhow, which I too have a full blessing of; we think we might know how God’s work is done. We assume that our way is the best... Read More

Interview with Father Tijwa, Catholic Priest for the Immaculate Conception in Milot, Haiti

Monsieur Joachim Roboam Anantua, in Creole fondly known as Father Tijwa, a Catholic Haitian priest for 35 years, talks to us about the role of religion to the Haitian people. Read More

Reflection of Love, Demonstration of Presence and Provision

In January of 2010, a devastating earthquake arrived in Haiti and crumbled the capital city and countryside. It was truly a strong wind that continued to blow over Haiti the next several days. Read More